The Macongaverse is a unique “open source” universe built from the ever-evolving story Managing Wu-Tang: "Enter the Mu-Koan" a.k.a. "The Untold Story of Nothing" that allows you to add yourself to the history of Hip-Hop superheroes, The Madvocates, through your art, music, film, etc.


Poet Muriel Rekeyser once said, “The Universe is made of stories, not of atoms.” Stories are made from information, but it is the relationships drawn from that information that give a story life. This is the story of ALL life. In the case of the Macongaverse, the Book of Life–the source code–is Managing Wu-Tang: "Enter the Mu-Koan" a.k.a. "The Untold Story of Nothing” by S. Windhom, a sci-fi historical fiction story that explores the unreal nature of history and the very real impact of fiction on reality. Within this context, this story grows on all planes of reality at once, allowing all human beings to orient themselves in the history of the Universe. Through this project, all of our stories great and small can be accounted for to build powerful relationships that allow us to create a peaceful, harmonious Macongaverse that works for everyone.

The author of M.W.T.: "E.T.M." A.K.A. "T.U.S.O.N." uses the real life experiences of The Madvocates with Wu-Tang Clan as just one example of how seeing past the specific form that Wu-Tang took on historically (its members, logo, etc.), one can tap into the underlying foundational principles of Wu-Tang to create unique forms from nothing that are in harmony with the Universe itself and thus generate harmony between human beings.

Download the free book PDF and learn more by joining the Macongaverse Discord.

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